AINA TIR-FAX, October 31, 2013



? OSCE publishes the report on Albania: The elections marked progress

? Premier Rama launches accusations against the former PM and Minister of Interior for allowing criminal activities

? Operation against the gambling industry was a total failure, says former Prime Minister Berisha

? Opposition MP welcomed by the majority in parliament

? Bashkim Dede is voted as head of the Constitutional Court

? Democrats accuse NDS for joining forces with the Socialist Party

? Peleshi: Korca brought a new spirit in politics

? Alliance of Women MPs

? RBA: First governmental lie


? Business in Albania, Ahmetaj: A drop of 5 places

? Crediting for the economy goes up

? Ministries are hindering the drafting of the 2014 budget

? IMF and World Bank to scan Albanian finances

? Sea transport suffering from outrageous conditions and monopoly

? Bregasi: Enterprises must gain their trust back

? EBRD: We will take road projects in Albania forward

? Fines to all those who introduce unwanted waste into the country

? Currency values today


? 48 year old convicted with 12 years of imprisonment for drug trafficking in Italy

? Kukes, 13 year old stabs his friend

? Laknas, person arrested for illegal weapon possession

? Person accused of murder arrested


? Veliaj appeals for the employment of disabled persons

? PHI: Teenagers aborts, Tirana with the highest number

? Newly appointed General Director of Prisons Enrik Sulejmani resigns

? Lazarat, professional disease


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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