AINA TIR-FAX, October 30, 2013



? USA: We support the reforms in Albania

? Basha meets Yee: Normative act on the budget is a danger for economic stability

? Gjermeni: Control over the territory is a great challenge

? Parliamentary speaker Meta receives the People?s Advocate

? Kodheli meets Yee: The government is determined to fight corruption

? DP in Korca: NDS an ally of the left, SP fears DP

? Topi: In the June elections, DP moved away from the values of political pluralism

? OSCE helps MPs to reestablish the parliamentary group of women in parliament


? Bank of Albania keeps the base interest rate unchanged

? DP: Decision for customs is a suspicious and non transparent act

? Experts, reforms for permits and taxes

? The ownership title to be provided to Tirana citizens

? NRC director resigns

? Currency values today


? Murder in Mat

? Gjirokaster, person declared wanted for drug trafficking arrested

? The death of two workers, engineers and the technician of flat arrested

? 46 illegal collecting points of inert blocked

? Gjirokaster, 90 kg of narcotic substance seized

? Ksamil, car crashes motorcycle, couple injured


? ?Professional education is the objective?

? Premier of Albania promises a drastic reform in culture

? Drivers with new license in Albania

? The competences of the National Construction Inspectorate, the legalized buildings might be in risk

? Maliq field risks being flooded, the cause is the non cleaning of canals

Urban residues in Shkoder, Bushat landfill to start operation


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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