AINA TIR-FAX, October 28, 2013



? Government is risking stability, says the opposition in Albania

? Academic from FYROM and Albania meet in a conference

? Premier Rama encourages justice to do his job on the case of the mayor of Vlora

? Kukan in Tirana to meet state leaders

? Sokol ?omo takes his oath as new member of SCJ

? Minister Gjermeni holds the opening speech in the OSCE conference for an increase of the representation of women in politics

? Socialist candidate in Korca invites NDS for cooperation

? LMP reacts about the proposal for the legalization of gay marriages

? Integration in the EU, Sequi: We expect constructive political dialogue

? Rama, Kukan: Further reforms in the domain of the rule of law


? Crown Agents Limited to offer assistance in fighting corruption in the customs

? Ministry of Agriculture, 1.5 million Euros for farmers

? Switzerland funds Albanian government with 5 million Euros for TAP project

? ?Business Court? ready for November 4

? Currency values today


? Two workers fall from stall, one founds death

? Imprisonment for Renato Kazani and police officer Shaban Lami

? Korce, 15 hectares of pine trees burnt out

? 27 year old arrested for setting fire to a car

? 12 kg of cocaine, 28 year old arrested

? The shootings near ?Vau i Dejes? school, author arrested


? Academics from FYROM and Albania meet in a conference

? The ombudsman presents recommendations for the Roma community

? Prisoners tested for HIV/AIDS

? Action continuous on the demolishment of two other objects in Vlore

? The chief of Librazhd police station dismissed, 19 police suspended from work

? Basir Collaku dismissed and replaced by Gezim Podgorica


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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