AINA TIR-FAX, September 30, 2013



? French ambassador: No radical changes in the administration

? DP: Rama puts the assets of Albanian people in the hands of his clan

? Meta-De La Bey: Boosting of collaboration

? Gjosha-Huszar: Consensus with the opposition is important

? Ambassador Arvizu declared ?Citizens of Honor? of Elbasan

? Berisha meets ambassador Sequi: Rama is misusing State Police

? Parliamentary committees start their work

? Council of Europe Assembly approves the report on June 23 elections

? Gjiknuri dismisses 6 directors

? Eno Bozdo appointed vice mayor of Tirana municipality


? Businesses with more employees benefit from subsidies

? Hoffman: Several German delegations are interested to invest in Albania

? Intesa San Paolo signs an agreement with IFC for renewable energy

? Fictitious presence in parliamentary committees causes a damage of 1.4 million ALL

? ?ProCredit Financial Advisor? for investments in agro-business

? Currency values today


? Laws not to be blame for corruption

? 34 year old arrested for raping his niece

? Mirdita, mother found 12 year old hanged in tree

? Explosion in a house in Kruja

? Shkoder, two cars crash, four injured

? Accident at ?Komuna e Parisit?

? Kukes, youngster injured by gunfire

? Italian gynecologist rapes 19 year old Albanian


? ?Autism speaks?, Liri Berisha takes part in NY conference

? PHI vaccinates 300 believers who go to Meka

? Beqja: Heart diseases, national examination

? Traders in ?Qyteti Student? against their removal


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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