AINA TIR-FAX, September 28, 2013



President Nishani decorates Elliot Engel

Changes in the Republican Guard: Rama wants revenge

Rama in New York: Balkan is ready to be integrated in the EU

Topalli: The state is risking to be dismantled

Haxhinasto: The Nation?s Road is an asset of the Albanian nation

UNO supports Albania in fulfilling its priorities

Basha with ambassador Hoffman: Germany will support Albania?s path to the EU

Brace: The Republican Guard served to the power alone


? Dollapi: CEZ has increased investments

? Business: Production will grow if government pays its debts to companies

? Gjiknuri: There have been abuses with Albpetrol

? Ahmetaj: We will terminate contracts with every business near Mother Tereza hospital

? The stability of oil and gasoline in the capital

? Euro losses points against ALL, USD strengthened

? Italy offers three projects for agriculture

? Currency values today


? The Italian citizen killed by her father in law condemned with imprisonment for robbery

? 5 businesses sued for illegal constructions

? Four year old Roma child involved in accident

? Father suicides, his son addicted to drugs

? Durres, anti-smuggling inspector handcuffed

? Klisman Ndou, 13 years old disappeared for days

? Man arrested for murder in Shkoder


? 109 lime pits closed for lack of legal documents

? RIU blocks two ships that were turning into scrap


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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