AINA TIR-FAX, June 29, 2013



? Idrizi: PJIU will not be part of the left wing coalition

? Rama in Shkoder: I will work everyday to keep the promises that I made

? Biberaj: I shall present my platform

? Bushati appeals to the democratic christians: United we can win a mandate

? Rama in Zagreb to participate in the ceremony of the accession of Croatia in the EU

? Ndoka: Right wing parties must be fused into the Democratic Party

? Kukan: Albania is on the right path

? Beqja unveils the priorities of the government in the first year

? Pact Rama-Meta, number of ministries to increase

? Ambassadors: After the elections, the way toward Europe opens

? Arvizu: Albanians opened a new epoch in the Albanian modern politics


? The new government and the economy

? Preci: Informality and unemployment should be tackled by the new government

? Fuel prices preserve their stability in the capital

? Euro strengthens, the dollar preserves its stability

? Currency values today


? Burrel, car crashed, four injured

? 30 year old extradited from Athens

? Triple injury in Kukes, two authors arrested

? Men used to traffic females in Switzerland and Germany, three handcuffed


? A Levels sit the optional exams on Saturday

? Admissions in universities, Kule: Extra staff and premises needed

? 58% of Albanians affected by cardiovascular diseases


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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