AINA TIR-FAX, June 28, 2013



? Meeting between the two leaders of the left unveiled

? Berisha: DP was defeated, race for the new leader should begin

? Arvizu and Wollfarth meet Prime Minister Berisha

? Basha: Berisha?s resignation is an extraordinary dimension of his

? Wollfarth: Albania has entered a new phase of dignity

? Topalli: I will not run for the party leader

? Topi: People decided for political rotation

? Engel: Albanians have a reason to be proud

? Thaci wishes Edi Rama on the victory


? ?British Petroleum? director explains the details of TAP winning project

? There?s still not a project for pay rises

? Albanians spent 206 million Euros for travels abroad

? Mobile phone sector expected to undergo regulations in autumn

? Homes in Albania have a high energy cost

? Foreign investments, Albania preserves stability

? Beqja and Angjeli: The left must urgently intervene in the economy

? Nishani: TAP is an important turn in the economic and energetic development of the country

? The port of yachts in Himara released on concession

? Currency values today


? Explosion in a kindergarten, three injured

? One injured after conflict with the owner of a beer house

? Kukes, three persons injured, two in serious health conditions

? Three women arrested in Elbasan

? Dajti accuses policemen: Duckollari was killed by his colleague

? Recidivist shoplifter, 23 year old seize in Tirana

? Saranda, explosive in the advocate office

? Tirana, prisoner commits suicide in prison no-325

? Saranda, truck runs over 58 year old


? Quotas for the universities approved, 31.300 new youngsters to pursue higher education


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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