AINA TIR-FAX, June 18, 2013



? Freedom House: Albania lacks political will, corruption is worrying

? Berisha promises reduction of retirement age to 50 years old for miners

? Berisha promises reduction of retirement age to 50 years old for miners

? Rama: Berisha lies about the decrease of the retirement age for miners

? Premier Berisha finalizes the electoral campaign in Fier, Berat and Lushnje

? Mediu: We brought renaissance through democracy

? SMI concludes the electoral campaign in Elbasan: At least two seats in this constituency

? McCormack meets the ambassadors
? RBA: 300 members leave SP and join us

? Berisha: Rama doesn?t talk about integration because his doors are closed in Brussels

? RP holds an electoral meeting in Shijak


? Zhilla: Business taxes must be well managed

? The World Bank is against the reiteration of amnesties and legalizations

? MF doesn?t publish the fiscal indicators for the first 5 months of the year

? Moody?s report on Albania: The economy has stable expectations

? New head of INSTAT, three candidates on race

? Tirana ?Elbasan, 122 million ALL for expropriations

? Albania, a bank branch for 5600 residents

? Currency values today


? Prosecution requires 12 years of imprisonment for Shemsie Kadria

? Sister kills brother accidentally while playing with shotgun

? 37 year old arrested after attempting in 2011

? 29 year old arrested in Morina after being declared wanted

? Dritan Dajti threatens judges: Protect your relatives

? Vehicle bursts into fire

? 25 year old declared wanted for prostitution


? Basha honors Rumsfeld with ?Gratitude of Tirana?

? Side walls of Kalimash-Morina highway damaged

? Reserves in Drin River guarantee uninterrupted energy

? Basha: We have once and for all left behind the bitter negligence towards citizens` interests


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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