AINA TIR-FAX, May 31, 2013



? Meta talks with students about the voting of the three laws of integration

? MoD reacts over the relief from duty of several generals

? Bregu: Rama was the only one who didn?t comment the voting of the three laws

? Ambassador Arvizu urges Albanian people to participate in the voting process

? Kukan hails the voting of the three laws

? Berisha meets with voters in Diber

? Rama: The SP will resolve the issue of legalizations

? Nishani: Religious cohabitation is a tradition for the Albanian people

? Berisha meets with voters in Burrel and Bulqize

? Balla: The three generals were relieved because they dared to denounce Imami?s abuses

? Several communes to hold local elections on June 23


? Pre electoral period is not appropriate for tax amnesties

? Cooperation should intensify in order to offer more security in the banking system

? Pollo: Internet National Plan offers economic growth

? Unemployment falls to insignificant figures

? Currency values today


? Literature exam, 50 thousand youngsters tested

? Frroku extradition, High Court of Greece decides on June 7

? Tirana, Klodiana Shala car prey of theft attempt

? Domestic crimes, from June 4 to be judged at the Court of Serious Crimes

? Former political prisoner attempts to burn himself


? Tirana Medicine University hiring professors

? Urban qualification, Basha, investments in borough no: 4

? Kosova: Doctors to be more responsible and prevent illnesses

? Fund on the high education and the basic one increased

? New member of HCJ appointed

? Physicians to inspect customs

? AMC announces winners for the program ?Innovation comes from you?


? The Albanian Elhaida Dani triumphs at ?Voice of Italy?


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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