AINA TIR-FAX, May 30, 2013



? Rama meets with voters in Shkoder

? Parliament votes the three laws of integration

? Mediu discusses the lifting of visas with US congressmen

? Berisha in Kucove: We will build the infrastructure of the town

? Topi: NDS will be decisive in the next government

? Wollfarth: The three laws give way to the reforms

? Blushi: All those who will take bribes will be punished

? Topalli: In the next mandate we will complete the great project of irrigation

? Peleshi: Berisha has inaugurated roads built with our investments

? Spahiu: DP and SP must not use the Greek language in the electoral campaign

? US Embassy hails the voting of the three laws

? ?I represent USA?, Arvizu: I do not have a personal agenda


? Parliament approves the tax amnesty until the end of the year

? Premier Berisha present in the inauguration of E-customs

? Meta in Shkoder: Business is an important partner of the government

? Albania?s oil reserves amount to 300 million barrels

? Technological park of Tirana, Italians study feasibility

? Palace of Culture in Kamza, an investment of 225 ALL

? European students ?invade? Orikum and Llogara

? Currency values today


? Police sets person free for being innocent

? Frroku extradition, Supreme Court decides on Friday

? Accident in Kukes, 60 year old passes away

? Hani i Hotit, police sequester 210 kg of cannabis

? Elbasan, brawl among youngsters causes the injury of one of them

? Government approves the National Plan on internet spreading

? Popular Alliance Party Electoral Office vandalized in Durres


? Matura exams start with Literature and language

? False cosmetics products blocked in market

? FIA to inspect fast foods on the quality of frying oil

? Gramsh, river bursts out of bed, bus and other vehicles blocked


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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