AINA TIR-FAX, April 30, 2013



? Minister Bum?i arrives in FYRO Macedonia

? Wollfarth: Cooperation between majority and opposition guarantees free elections

? Prime Minister Sali Berisha congratulates the newly elected Italian counterpart

? Minister of Interior Flamur Noka presses charges against Saimir Tahiri MP

? Berisha: Rama blocked the EU candidate status

? Rama: June elections are the most important ones after those in 1992

? May 1, RBA to hold a protest against Berisha

? Meta: Integration is being blocked by the politics of conflicts

? Basha: The municipality will be functional in spite of the changes in the council

? Minister Bum?i congratulated by his German counterpart

? Tabaku: Edi Rama is sacred to run as a candidate in the capital


? Economy committee ratifies the law for the compensation of VAT on agricultural inputs

? Fullani: Caution should be shown with the debt, crediting is worrying

? Treasury bonds touch an all time low to 5.99%

? Xhixho replace by Alketa Mukavelati as head of AKEP

? Urge to farmers, grants for their businesses

? VAT for agricultural goods return

? Currency values today


? Burgaj: We have gained experience on facing the summer flux at border crossing points

? Zall Herr Mosque engulfed by flames

? Italy, 23 kg of cocaine seized, two Albanians handcuffed

? Assassination in Lac, man revenges after a year by killing his fellow villager

? Flux of emigrants in Kakavija

? Three citizens arrested for fraud

? 8 year old involved in accident in Elbasan

? The most wanted man Bledi Ruci arrested

? Appeal turns down the request of the former political prisoners


? Early development of children, promotion massages in water bottles

? The state exam, the medicine season from 2-22nd of May

? New archeological excavations, the expedition areas to be determined


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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