AINA TIR-FAX, April 3, 2013



? Law committee deliberates the changes in the criminal code

? Berisha: Let us move forward to another mandate

? EU ambassador holds a meeting with head of the opposition

? Berisha: We will start the construction of the mosque of the capital

? SP counts the failures of the government

? Departure of SMI from the coalition, Mediu: It?s a moment of reflection for the right wing

? Milo: The SP should respect the opposition allies

? Topi: Albania needs a rotation of elites and not a rotation of chairs

? Panariti meets his Jordanian counterpart

? Bogdani: Rama has proved that he?s a black cat for the business

? Basha: Political decisions belong to the political parties

? Spahia appointed vice Minister of Health

? Rama: Everyone against Berisha


? Wages for judges to go up on January 1, 2014

? Ramadani: CEZ has reduced losses

? Interconnection, penalization of the energy market

? Currency values today


? Vehicle falls in Shkumbin waters, found 4 km away

? Bleona`s disappearance

? Professor handcuffed after taking briberies from his students

? 26 year old crashed by car

? ?Dajti?, the Court of Serious Crimes directed to HCJ
? 20 year old boy harass the underage girl

? 37 year old extradited from Greece after robbing and killing in `99

? Boy hangs himself in prison after killing his brother and his wife?s grandfather

? Train crashes vehicle, driver injured

? Tirana, 32 year old dies while collecting scrap


? Arber road damaged from rain

? The rainfalls, situation deteriorated at Nenshkoder area

? The exam of the teachers, 4 thousand teachers to be tested

? Water isolates 20 families, residents in Lume Breg with boats

? Basha: We aim at extending green spaces in the capital

? New teachers to be tested in September


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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