AINA TIR-FAX, April 29, 2013



? Berisha: Our alliance is the best one in history

? FM Bumci to hold a visit to Skopje tomorrow

? Parliament votes in favor of the enquiry committee for the incident in Vienna

? Law committee ratifies the decree of Artan Broci

? Halimi: The bill on notary minimizes corruption

? Mediu: Progress tax can destroy the economy

? Helsinki Committee in the USA to hold a meeting about Albania on May 6

? Rama invites democrats to join the Socialist Party

? SP criticizes Berisha?s visit in Lezhe

? Rama: The ministers of the SP will leave their mandate

? Bregu: Rama is committed to block integration

? Bashkurti: Parties must give up blackmail and pressure


? Kodheli: Other extra measures are needed after the collateral

? PROTIK and UT sign an agreement for the development of IT

? Graduates to be employed by the Albanian Post Office

? Currency values today


? Police arrests 5 for money counterfeiting in Greece

? Tirana, 24 year old massacred with strong means

? Taxi driver deceived, his car stolen

? Bulgarian arrested in Hani i Hotit

? Citizens deceived, three persons handcuffed
? 17 year old threatens his family for money

? Drugs in Vlore, police issues details on drug operation

? Gas tank explodes, fire in apartment

? 70 year old arrested for harassing underage girl

? Two youngsters handcuffed after several thefts in late night hours in Tirana

? Jewelry shop stolen in Fier

? Lushnje, trader killed by a private police officer


? Invalid 15 year old boy sufferes lack of medicments

? Malaria returns to Albania, 13 affected in the last years

? Pollution and garbage, Vlore not ready to receive tourists

? Taps leaking sewages, residents of neighborhood no: 1 protest in Kukes


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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