AINA TIR-FAX, March 30, 2013



? Rama invites Berisha for a political debate from Fier

? Pollo in Kucove: Rama is a loser, DP is getting ready for a third win

? Berisha: The opening of new jobs is the main focus of our program

? Vasili: Parliament resembles to TV studios and not to an institution

? DP Convention, Rama: The more they copy, the more they seal our program

? SP: The small business is the most persecuted by Berisha

? Mazniku: The government has done nothing for employment

? Imami: DP?s victory in Elbasan will be greater than in 2005 and 2009

? Topi: Konispol is far from the attention of the government

? DP gathers its convention

? Rama gathers the dissatisfied supporters of the DP


? American Chamber of Commerce: Cooperation with every government

? Currency values today


? Fishermen rescued by cruiser

? Accident in the road axis Lezha-Elbasan, one dead

? ?Shkembi i Kavajes?, truck crashes side barrier, two injured

? The murder of the 17 year old boy

? Shkoder police arrest a citizen for robbery

? Mother suffering from tumor kills herself and her daughter

? The robbery of oil in Fier hasn`t ended

? Woman sues husband at court for domestic violence

? Punishing lawyers

? Chief police Lamaj might have been killed from Kosovars


? The season of cruise liners, 761 foreign tourists arrive in Durres

? Lezha, 7 villages of Blinisht commune totally isolated

? Abazaj: Half of doctors are unlicensed

? Dibra: Students refuse Albanian language


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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