AINA TIR-FAX, March 29, 2013



? DP: Rama is against the reduction of taxes

? Prime Minister Sali Berisha sends a letter to former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

? Meta holds a meeting in borough No. 2

? Two democrat councilors leave the Municipality Council of Korce

? Lesi: The victory is assured with the third pole

? NDSP: The government cannot even protect a monument 100 meters away from its building

? Spahiu: On April 7 we will be on protest

? Bregu calls upon the opposition to vote the three laws of the integration

? SP presents its program in Fier

? Topi: No alliance with the DP or SP


? Bozdo: Rama blocks 30 million Euros every year by not voting the 3 bills

? Berisha: We will entirely reform the labor market

? SP: CPI has seen a drastic rise

? CEZ cuts power supply to Albpetrol due to a 6 million USD debt

? Russian investors interested on Albania

? Farming products part of the regional market

? Floods increase grocery prices

? Currency values today


? Murder of the 17 year old, authors arrested

? Perrenjasi witness become known in public, Porsecution starts investigations

? Three handcuffed for trafficking clandestine

? 32 kg of explosive substance seized in Durres, 26 year old arrested

? Two fishermen disappear near Zvernec

? 28 kg of cannabis sativa sequestered in Karaburun

? The journalist Marash Hajati passes away

? Italian police handcuff two Albanians

? 20 kg of cannabis sativa sequestered in Durres port
Fier, two persons arrested for robbery, another declared wanted

? Tirana, third person arrested on the murder of the 17 year old

??Conference on education, Beder university: Novelties for teachers

? 7 villages isolated in Lezha, bridge collapses in Blinisht

? Shkoder, 30 houses under water in ?Mark Lukla? neighborhood


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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