AINA TIR-FAX, February 28, 2013



? Rama: Noka, Burgaj, Kulicaj must resign

? Berisha: The Ministry of Interior has all the potentials to shed light upon the crime

? Noka to the Socialist Party: You?ve inspired a denigrating campaign

? Panariti meets with Kerry and Ashton

? Mediu to the republicans: Knock on every door to hear every citizen

? SP: The government is attempting to privatize everything before it leaves

? Opening of the Mexican consulate, Panariti meets the ambassador and the consul of honor

? Prime Minister Berisha presents the logo of the DP for the June 23 elections

? Associations for Tcham issues: The resolution must be approved

? RBA: Electoral lists have problems


? Jaka hands a business package to the Socialist Movement for Integration

? Albania is a beneficiary of funds for agriculture

? From March, CEZ starts the import of energy

? Parliamentary law committee approves the privatization contracts of the 4 power plants

? Pascal: A mineral plant will soon be opened

? Public debt of Albania increased by 1 million Euros a day in 2012

? Currency values today


? ?Files uncompleted?, Appeal accuses prosecution

? Cefa in the analysis of the Tirana Court: The resignations of the judges without a specific cause should no be accepted

? ?We will also get rid of you?, the threatening message of the former vice chief police of Lamaj
? Vlore police arrest three persons in the last 24 hours

? 37 year old injured in Lezha, two brothers handcuffed

? Two road accidents in Gjirokaster, five injuries

? 43 year old declared wanted handcuffed in Vlore

? Fire in Lezha, warehouse of polesterol burnt out

? Economic crime, one handcuffed for money counterfeiting


? 70 ALL of ticket, Ibrahim: Bus Service of high cost

? Gjirokaster, fa?ade of the monument of culture collapses

? Lezhe, consumers in panic: We do not trust to any kind of food

? Milk with Aflatoxin, farmers complain

? Danger from Alfatoxin, Toxicologist: It is present in other food

? Heavy rainfalls increase level of water in Fierza


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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