AINA TIR-FAX, February 27, 2013



? Mirel: Political consensus is needed for the integration

? Law for the judicial administration causes debates at the parliamentary law committee

? Opposition: Criminal situation in the country is serious

? Topi: Political parties are making the monopolization of power official

? Halimi: The SP said no to the EU today

? Rama gathers the parliamentary group

? Panariti: Albania offers a strong contribution for the stability of the region

? Strengthening of local government, Poni: Opposition is blocking the law on civil servants

? Parliamentary media committee approves the bill on media without consensus between parties

? CEC: Several municipalities and communes are yet to submit the necessary information

? Assembly of the SP in Kukes in favor of Rama: Mucmata is the right candidate


? Berisha: Digital Albania will guarantee employment and economic growth

? Berisha: Reduction of financial costs for the business

? Fullani: The economic progress during 2013 will be weak

? Berisha: Albania will be the greatest exporter in the region

? DP holds meetings with small businesses in Laprake

? Islamic Bank for Development grants 125 million USD for the road linking Qukes to Qafe Plloce

? The most developed methods to be used in the compilation of the state budget

? Currency values today


? Director of ferrochromium arrested after attempting to cross toward Kosovo

? 36 year old arrested after being convicted for murder

? Lamaj murder, imprisonment for the suspect Jake Jaku

? Durres, 57 year old killed

? Killing in the bus, author: I stabbed him, because he was yelling

? Durres, 20 kg of cannabis blocked, two persons handcuffed

? Vlore police arrests the leader of a robbers` gang

? Crime in Kamez disclosed

? Man rapes the 21 year old in front of his wife, 27 year old arrested

? Accident in Lana, police disclose the event

? Electrician arrested after stolen safe


? House collapses in Vlore due to landslide

? Berisha orders Noka to receive proper measures on the collapse of the houses in Mallakaster

? ?Flag square? damaged in Vlore

? Elections and Matura Exams at the same time


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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