AINA TIR-FAX, January 31, 2013



? Topalli invites the opposition once again to vote the three laws

? Topalli-Niksic: Our countries have projected themselves in the EU

? Haxhinasto: Balkan needs integration and not isolation

? Albania takes over the vice presidency of ECOSOC for 2013

? Panariti meets the Greek ambassador: There?s an urgent need to solve the issue of toponyms

? Parliament allocates the mandates for the June 23 elections according to the 2009 scheme

? RBA: International institutions should stop the ?butcher? of the free vote

? Rama: Only professionals will be employed in the police forces

? Arta Musaraj is appointed the new vice Minister of Defense

? Berisha-Niksic: Cooperation in many sectors

? Meta: Fule?s arrival is a good opportunity for us to vote the three laws before the elections


? Haxhinasto-Niksic: Economic cooperation must be intensified

? Ruli: Eggs export increased 30 times

? Bregasi: BoA decision to reduce the interest rate will encourage crediting

? OST signs an agreement for the construction of the Southern power line

? 100 Albanian sea men employed in foreign companies

? Currency values today


? EU report on drugs: Albanians the most active ones in the drug trafficing

? Domestic crime

? Petrol station engulfed by flames in Pogradec

? 27 year old extradited from London

? Elbasan, father kills son and son?s wife

? Five storey building sequestered in Saranda

? Drug in chocolate shape

? Earthquake tremors in Saranda

? Kakavija, stolen works of art sequestered, thief arrested


? Berisha: ?Don Bosko? collage- a real educational campus

? Arvizu: English helps the development of Tourism

? UT, agreement on the protection of the students` personal data

? Actions against meat trading in the road axis Kruje-Lezha


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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