AINA TIR-FAX, January 30, 2013



? Commissioner Fule expected to visit Tirana on Monday

? Berisha on Facebook: The lifting of the tax on earnings is a kept promise

? Agreement with Austria for the asylum seekers

? The chairwoman of the District Council of Durres resigns

? Rama with relieved police officers: Crime has taken its toll

? 97 million Euros worth of abuses

? Minister of Justice holds a meeting with the British ambassador

? Berisha: Our martyrs fell for freedom; comparing them with terrorists is albanophobia

? Bregu: Albania met 117 out of 120 measures set out as priorities of the European Commission

? Topi: The District of Diber has been abandoned by the DP and the SP

? DP calls upon Rama for transparency

? Reporters without borders: Albania has made regress

? Bosnian Prime Minister to visit Tirana today

? Armand Teliti elected the new chairman of the District Council of Durres


? Berisha: Rama?s fiscal policies increases the number of poor people

? BoA reduces the base interest rate to a historical low

? Dollapi: Employees should eliminate abuses

? Ambassador Gaiani: Italy supports the TAP project

? Currency values today


? Prosecution demands 23 years imprisonment for Prendi and 25 years for Llupo

? Tepelena, 37 year old attempts to kill his brother in law

? Shkoder, person sentenced with 12 years of imprisonment arrested

? Man declared wanted for cocaine extradited toward Italy

? Ship with guns in Yemen suspected of documents` counterfeiting

? Accident of two brothers, their uncle: They were intimidated with riffle shootings

? Toponyms, Greek police blocks 14 Albanians in Athens airport

? Old houses in Korce turn into public toilets

? Student cards, City Hall: 1400 cards are ready

? NFA: Food that enters Albania is controlled

? NFA in Fier clashes with the municipality: 52 shops without certificates

? Kalo: Accreditation of hospitals increases the quality

? The road that ?isolates? Voskopoja

? Vlore, shark weighing 350 kg seized


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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