AINA TIR-FAX, January 22, 2013



? Nishani meets the ambassadors

? Meta: We will propose a package of changes in the criminal code

? Rama: Crime and security worse than in ?97

? Parliament votes Zana Xhuke as the head of HIDAA

? Topi: The state must function with those standards that Albanian deserve

? Berisha: Rugova lives eternally in the ideal of the national unification

? Nishani condemns the removal of the lapidary in Presevo and the desecration of Serbian graves in Kosovo

? Noka: Rama discouraged police and encouraged crime

? Division of mandates, Lleshi and Biba to report tomorrow at the law committee

? Foreign committee includes the Tcham resolution in the procedure

? Llalla: Cooperation for the investigation of every official

? NDSP: Skura?s death is bad news for the rule of law

? SMI: Maximum punishment for whoever lifts his hand toward police


? Berisha receives the peace Nobel winner Muhammad Yonus

? Hoxha: Albania needs a regional development model

? Albania for the first time in the greatest agriculture fair

? Doda: The decision to lift the license of CEZ should have been taken before

? Crisis has reduced return on capital in the banking sector

? Currency values today


? Musa Skurraj passes away in Italy

? Accident in Fushe-Kruje, three injured

? Accident in Fushe-Kruje, one of the injured passes away in hospital

? Car garage stolen in the city, 17 year old arrested in Has

? Murder in Shkoder not disclosed yet

? Benz crashes pedestrian to death

? Rainfalls, landslides in Vlore and Durres, houses endangered

? Lul Cake defense lawyers: We require a reopening of the trial


? Iris Luarasi appeals against women violence

? Tensions in Presheve, UT students on rally

? Clashes on compensations


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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