AINA TIR-FAX, December 28, 2012



?The ?SP continues its accusations about the wealth of the family of Prime Minister Berisha

?Topalli: The opposition didn?t vote the three laws and blocked the status

?DP Assembly in Devoll: Bode: DP will win the elections

?Basha: Rama must apologize to the citizens of Tirana for leaving the city without a regulatory plan

?Berisha: 2012 has been the year of efforts and extraordinary courage

?RBA: Berisha in delirium, he demands 1 passport and two national football teams

?Gjinushi: The government is responsible for the failure of the country to be granted the candidate status

?Leskaj: We will increase arbitrage capacities


?Muci: The construction sector in difficulty during 2012

?Price of drinking water goes up for three towns

?Albanian market of IT is valued at 190 million USD

?Bonds, 4 auctions within 5 days increase interests

?Debates in Shkoder about the budget

?Currency values today


?7 year old dies in the hospital

?Tavo suspends doctors after the 7 year old girl`s death

?Pipero: It was doctor`s mistake

?Brothers arrested after attempting to still shop

?Fatal crash of a motorbike took the life of a citizen

State police: Measures for the celebrations of the New Year`s Eve

Accident in Fier, car crashes motorcycle, 77 year old dies


?Bulqiza miners in protest to ask for the 13th salary

?A cleaner environment for 2012

?Vasili: The consuming goods, there is no prices increase

Accident in Rinas, the chief of circulation in Lezha, Marjan Laca, seriously injured


Exhibition opened for Onufri prizes

Journalism prizes delivered


?Weather forecast tomorrow

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