AINA TIR-FAX, December 29, 2012



? President Nishani invites Italian investors

? Berisha: We will win the elections

? SP: Berisha?s family is getting richer and richer, citizens are being impoverished

? Meta appeals for the encouragement of business

? SP hands gifts for Presevo

? Nishani and Napolitano visit the ?The treasuries of the Albanian cultural heritage? exhibition

? Bode in Korce: Our mission is the wellbeing of Albanians, opposition offers blockade

? RBA holds a campaign about Albanian names, Spahiu: It?s an element of national identity


? Ruli: Investments in the production of wine have increased by 10 times

? EU grants, 5 thousand applications in two weeks

? Ministry of Interior causes a damage of 225.6 million ALL to the state budget

? Currency values today


? Drunken man hits two people with iron bar

? Tavo: Doctors asked no lab examinations

? Dino Abazi: The reaction of the MH hasted

? Doctor extradited from Belgium

? Accident takes away the life of a 12 year old boy

? Arrests` wave in Pogradec, three handcuffed for various offenses

? Korce Court leaves in prison the 22 year old who set fire to his grandparent`s house

? Landslides in Elbasan due to bad weather

? Bad weather, delays on the arrival of line ferry Bari-Durres

? Six year old commits suicide, he just asked a New year`s present

? Kukes, oil tanker capsizes


? Basha receives the sportsmen on the occasion of the end of the year holidays: Municipality will continue investments for sports

? Disabled persons unpaid

? Flux in the border crossing points, emigrants back to their families

? Cleaning personnel in the town of Kukes in protest about the bonuses

? 99.400 households in financial difficulties for the end of the year holidays

? Lezhe, authorities advise consumers not to buy meat


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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