AINA TIR-FAX, November 30, 2012



? The SP gathers its steering committee

? RBA: Berisha must sign the referendum for the national unification

? President Nishani honors the first US ambassador in Albania

? Allocation of mandates, CEC still waiting over consensus between the parties

? Berisha-Garayev, intensification of the relations with Azerbaijan

? Calster-Berisha, Belgium supports the integration of Albania

? NDSP opens its branch in Durres

? 400 new members become part of the Democratic Party


? Haxhinasto: ANTA?s certification is a historical development for aviation

? World Bank assists Albania for water sources and irrigation

? The government: The failure to meet projected incomes caused by the crisis and the bad weather

? The government assures the opposition: There are no debts to construction companies

? Bumci: Revenues from tourism are 1.2 billion Euros

? Value of first investment fund amounts to 16.9 billion ALL

? Albania has the highest debts in the region

? Wine fair opens in Tirana

? Elbasan, super production of olives

? Currency values today


? ?Xhakja?, Tabaku still not present at HCJ

? Heroes of Vig sold for scrap

? Kakavija, network of drug trafficking hit, four arrested

? Gjirokaster, 3 kg of marijuana seized, distributor arrested

? Elbasan, 7 arrested for various offenses

? Four months old baby found abandoned in Sauk

? 50 year old man commits suicide after violating his pregnant wife

? Man attempted to kill his wife with a weapons arsenal

? 180 kg of hashish in Saranda, two handcuffed

? Kukes, 17 year old footballer dies tragically in the green pitch

? 5 citizens kidnap a person for four hours


? HIV-AIDS teenagers and children the most affected

? Part time studies start in December

? Mental disorders, two thousand children visited during 2012


? The festival in ART, 26 songs in competition for the Eurovision


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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