AINA TIR-FAX, November 29, 2012



? Liberation Day: Nishani and the left wing honor the martyrs of the nation

? Berisha: Guests are always noticed by their absence

? Meta: November 28th and 29th together like the heads of the eagle

? Rama: The SP will bring to Albania another rebirth

? Berisha-Martens: The historic data have taken the place they deserve

? ?Leopold Berchtold?, Berisha: We raised to the pedestal a piece from the history

? PJIU: The ruling of Hague is delayed, but just

? EC: No comments about Berisha?s declarations for territorial expansion

? Nishani: We?re not threatening the territory of no one

? Topalli demands support for the status in meetings with foreign MPs

? Rama launches accusations toward President Nishani

? Topi: The acquittal of Haradinaj is good news for Kosovo and Albanians

? Putin wishes Nishani on the 100th anniversary of Independence

? Topalli receives the Italian counterpart: I am honored to be in Albania on the occasion of the Independence Day


? Deposits go up in October

? Less revenues in the 2012 budget

? The crisis doesn?t reduce the volume of commerce between Albania and the EU

? Albania and Slovenia pledge to intensify their economic cooperation

? Economic potentials from the construction of TAP

? Currency values today


? Vice officer of the intercommunication vice/Officer

? Korce, patriot photo stolen at the exhibition

? Heavy rainfalls flood Lezha town

? Shkoder, 38 year old executed

? 28 kg of hashish seized, two handcuffed


? November 29 commemorated in various towns of Albania

? Tirana, a day after the Independence Day

? Independence celebrations, 80 patients at the emergency rooms

? Half of Albania in blackout

? Bad weather paralizes work in Durres port


? The 100th anniversary of Independence, concert at the Palace of Congresses and ?Mother Tereza? square

? National Museum enriched with 10 other precious objects


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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