AINA TIR-FAX, October 31, 2012



? Panariti: We strongly support a modern and democratic Tunisia

? Berisha: Independence for regulatory entities

? Nishani sends a message of condolences to Obama about the victims of Sandy hurricane

? Meta: Politics should be united in the celebrations of the 100th anniversary

? Wollfarth: More strict measures about cases of corruption

? US Secretary Clinton to arrive in Tirana tomorrow

? Nishani: The elections are for the Albanian people and not for the politics

? Berisha sends a message of condolences to President Obama

? Hurricane ?Sandy?, Panariti condolences Clinton for the victims

? Topalli meets with the Chinese delegation

? Erisa Xhixho becomes chairwoman of the steering committee of the SMI

? General Attorney against the verdict of the DP and SP

? Rama: Independence has been proclaimed in Vlore on November 28, SP will be there to celebrate


? Fullani: BoA will keep the base interest rate unchanged

? Zekja: The lifting of the VAT will increase investments

? Rama: The cost of production in agriculture must be reduced

? INSTAT reports falling figures of export with Greece

? Haxhinasto: Italy is a strategic partner for Albania

? Cooperation between Albania and Kosovo in the domain of technology of information

? Currency values today


? Vlore, the persons declared wanted arrested for guns trafficking

? The murder of the 58 year old in Korce, author declared wanted

? Three persons arrested for smuggling in Vlore

? Shkoder, 49 year old arrested after attempting to kill his son

? Tirana, jewelry robbed, authors arrested

? Women in Kruje found death from the rat poison

? Court puts off for tomorrow the trial of January 21st

? Two dead in Korce, one hangs himself, the other shoots himself with a shotgun


? Roma families require accommodation

? Berisha inaugurates the new premises of the Faculty of Economy

? People get infections in hospitals


? ?Miss Globe?, the beauties visit the Archeological Museum of Tirana


? The visit of Mrs. Clinton


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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