AINA TIR-FAX, October 30, 2012



? Nishani-Rongming: Economic cooperation between Albania and China

? Berisha: The history has been forged for decades

? PJIU: Athens must stop the extremists

? Turkish Embassy in Tirana celebrates the 89th anniversary of the Republic

? Wollfarth: Cooperation between the local and central government for the reforms

? Berisha: Rama can keep the progressive tax in the family drawers

? 100th anniversary of Independence sparks a new debated between the SP and DP

? Law committee against the proposal of the prosecution about the bill on surveillances

? Paloka: The SP should vote the laws demanded by the European Commission

? Minister Panariti praises the achievements made by Tunisia

? Sequi: A higher participation of women is needed in politics in the 2013 elections

? Rasmussen replies to the complaint of the Socialist Party


? Debates take place in the parliamentary economy committee about the compensation of the former political prisoners

? Sequi: Informality in the market should be fought

? Confederation of Industries: The Bank of Albania must reduce the base interest rate

? Farming exports growing, imports falling

? Ksera: The reviewing of the Work Code prevents problems

? Currency values today


? The death of the wedding guests, legal expertise; They were intoxicated from the generator

? Trial of Dritan Dajti postponed

? Pogradec, Macedonian arrested for being seized in possession of a pistol

? The murder of the casino guard in Vlocisht, wife suspects on neighbors

? 44 year old fortune teller arrested for fraud

? The death of miners in Bulqiza, 10 persons accompanied at police

? Three youngsters arrested in Vlore

? Earthquake tremors in Tirana

? Detainment for the 21 year old who killed couple

? Ballsh, brawl between two teenagers, two injured

? Librazhd, 33 year old arrested after attempting to kill his brother

? Elbasan, four persons handcuffed after attempting to rob a shop

? Gjirokaster, petrol station robbed, one of the authors arrested


? First snowflakes in the country


? Enrollments, tomorrow starts the fulfilling of the online A3 form for the A Level students

? An ethic code to be soon implemented in schools


? Weather forecast tomorrow

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