AINA TIR-FAX, September 29, 2012



?Rama: The European socialists support the integration of Albania

?Creighton appeals to the Albanian politics: The new electoral code should be implemented

?Meta: Albania deserves the EU associate membership

?Reeker: The President is a guarantor of the independence of the institutions

?Representative of the OSCE meets with Albanian Minister of Integration

?Ristani: We successfully fulfilled our mission

?Spahiu appeals for the overthrowing of the bill for the privatization of Albpetrol

?Berisha: After the blocking from the SP, progress with the reforms

?The status of candidate, DP-SP divided on recommendations

?MD: Accusations of the SP, libeling. The sale of guns is legal

?Brace implicates the MoD in another scandal

?ESP congress gathers Rama and Meta

?Rama elected a member of the ESP presidency


?Mehilli: TAP project is more flexible for the gas pipeline

?Preci: The proceedings from the privatization of Albpetrol must reduce the public debt

?Agricultural produces of Korce supply the Macedonian market

?New railway line linking Tirana to Durres in 2013

?The tax will continue to decrease

??Albpetrol?, privatization progress

?The TAP project open new investment ways to Albania

?Bello: ACR disposal endanger the mine

?Loans even more gloomy

?Foreign businesses bankrupting in Albania

?Currency values today


?Hungarian Week concluded successfully

?Prime Minister Sali Berisha attends the solemn sermon of the 950th anniversary of the Ancient Albanian Dioceses of Sapa

?The life of professional invalids

?The strike of the political prosecuted persons, situation deteriorates

?Butcheries closed in Tirana, the situation remains concerning in 4 road axes

The Ministry of Defense decorates three Martyrs of the Nation

?Lezhe, intervention in the archeological area


?Weather forecast tomorrow


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