AINA TIR-FAX, August 31, 2012



?Council of Legislation to examine the incentive of the SP on September 6

?Rama seeks support from the Socialist Internationale for the integration of the country

?Xhafa: The lifting of immunities after the constitutional changes

?SP sends a letter to Berisha for motion in Parliament

?Halimi: The opposition must vote the bill for the Supreme Court

?The normative act for the acoustic pollution passes with the votes of the majority

?Paloka: August 6 is the day of disgrace for the opposition

?Nishani meets with Kosovar politicians

?Nishani: Jashari family is an inspiration to move forward

?Nishani-Petrovic: The talks to be held under the international guarantee

?SMI, Pesha: The youth links the citizen and politics


?The decision on salaries, MF explains the scene

?Haxhinasto-Beqaj demand more engagement for the economic cooperation

?The price of gold increases again in jewelries

?Currency values today


?Murder in Saranda, one dead and two injured

?Murder in Shkoder, one of the suspects arrested

?Gjunkshi: AF on alert to protect the community in cases of emergency

?Vehicles crashes cart in Fier, two persons injured

?Lushnje, 30 year old stabbed, author handcuffed

?Fires, Olli: Critical situation in Puka, Lure and Bozdovec

?40 year old Albanian executed in Athens

?Gjirokatser, 147 roots of cannabis sativa sequestered

?Durres, 180 kg of marijuana seized, transporter arrested


Albanian Fond of Development, new water supply system for Komsi commune in Mat


?Weather forecast tomorrow



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