AINA TIR-FAX, August 30, 2012



?Nishani: The Independence of Kosovo is an irreversible reality

?Topalli: The blocking of August 6 aims to block the status

?Kodheli: Berisha has put the country on sale

?Nishani: Kosovo will be a priority of my activities

?RBA protests about the railway system

?Nishani, Mustafa: We remember the past and work for the future


?Treasury bonds interest rates toward a falling cycle

?Guxholli: There?s no crisis, the debt is under control

?Currency values today


?Blood feud, murder in Shkoder, father and son shot dead

?Miner dies after being crashed by a mineral massive

?Fires in Dajt, MD: 60 fire sources have been extinguished

?Gjirokaster, motorcycle crashes pickup truck, two injured

?Fire flames in Korce, four new sources of fire appear

?Fires, Olli: problematic situation in Puke, Diber and Kukes

?Drugs in Gjirokaster, police identifies the authors


?Fires: Consequences even in the environment

The day of the missing persons: 4500 persons without graves

?Blood Bank in Fier, doctors: Hospital in emergent need for blood

?Tavo: An enquiry will take place about the ERs of the districts

?Ksera: More elderly centers are needed


?Weather forecast tomorrow


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