AINA TIR-FAX, July 31, 2012



?Clinton congratulates Panariti: Let?s strengthen the relations between the two countries

?Cypriot Foreign Minister: The leaders should cooperate for the integration

?Berisha: The lifting of immunity increases credibility on the judicial system

?Berisha: Cooperation with the opposition for the integration

?Biberaj: NDSP no coalitions with the SP or the DP

?Berisha receives Al Doghmi, cooperation in all domains

?RBA: Albania must open a consulate in Tchameri

?Malaj: We must vote for the lifting of immunities on August 6


?Hida: Emigrants, orientating policies for investments

?INSTAT: Import of equipment falls along with the investments of businesses

?Leskaj: In 6 months, 50 million USD of damages

?Currency values today


?Albania-Britain, agreement on the transferring of the prisoners

?Murderer in Puke, the State Police confirms the dismissal of the officers

?Director of IAS dismissed

Elbasan, grenade explodes, brother and sister injured

?Vlore, teenager drowns, his cousin escapes unhurt

??Imprisonment? for the 36 year old who killed the apartment administrator

Murder of the 26 year old in Vlore, author arrested


Works in Berxull, water interruption in some areas

?Topalli against cancer, free coupons for Mammography

?Police syndicate warns protest in September


Weather forecast tomorrow



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