AINA TIR-FAX, May 31, 2012



Haxhinasto receives Cohen, the opening of the Israeli embassy in Tirana is confirmed

?Fule: The president should be elected through consensus

?Meta: Berisha-Rama meeting would accelerate the election of the new president

?Topi: The reforms play a key role for the integration of the country in the EU

?Parliament: The second round for the president on June 4

?Bundestag: The legal incentives in Albania are in compliance with the European standards

Civil society brings its proposals for the new president

?SP holds a meeting for the former persecuted people

?Berisha-Cohen: The opening of the embassy consolidates the relations between Albania and Israel

?Debates in parliament, fishing is in a miserable state

?SP gathers its parliamentary group to discuss on the political situation


?Currency values today


?The mother of the violated girl: our neighbor must be punished

?Kucove, 16 year old drowned in a reservoir

?500 kg of hashish seized in the Albanian-Greek border

?Vlore, former inspector of HCJ arrested

?Tirana, brawl for property reasons, one injured

??Magnum-Al? destroys the traffickers? network, three handcuffed

?Tirana, former republican guard accused of prostitution

?Saranda, husband kills wife with firearm and then commits suicide

?Durres, the Kosovar citizen killed, motives unknown

?House arrest for Fatmir Rama`s wife


Parents of the two students admitted in Austrian hospital join their daughters there


Weather forecast tomorrow


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