AINA TIR-FAX, May 30, 2012



?Patozi and Ruci meet about the candidacy of Zaganjori

?Rama meets with the head of the ADPM Menduh Thaci

?Ruci: The opposition was excluded from the negotiations

?Berisha: We will do everything to find the right president

?Meta: The country needs a president of unification

?Berisha: New package for economic growth

?Parliament will decided tomorrow over the second round for the president

?Topi sends messages of condolence to President Napolitano for the earthquake in Italy

?Berisha receives Nemeth

?Topi-Lyrval: All inclusive process for the election of the president

?Weiss: Albania should make reforms in the financial system


?Economic crises, Bode: Revising of the budget needed

?Memorandum on the control of illegal cigarette trading

?European currency marks another dropping record

?Currency values today


?Shkoder, 700 thousand euro sequestered to trafficker

?Durres 27 kg of drugs sequestered, two persons handcuffed

?Earthquake tremors in Tirana

?30 year old gave end to his life by jumping off the sixth floor of a building

Ex-wife violated, 48 year old requires protection from police


Berisha: Social business would reduce poverty

?Woman and children violence and trafficking still present in our society

Fier, dozens of tons of fish dead due to the pesticides thrown into the river


?Weather forecast tomorrow



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