AINA TIR-FAX, April 7, 2012



?Management of?sewage, Berisha: 90 million Euros for the plant of Kashar

?The left wing allies accuse Rama of violating the agreement

?Rama: They offer destruction, we offer recovery

?Declarations for Tchameri, MFA: They have been misinterpreted

?Vokshi: Today decision makers, tomorrow leaders

?Topi sends a message on the occasion of Easter

?Pollo participates on the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party

?Rama in Durres continues the campaign of new memberships

?Rama to the allies: We cannot improve the system without consensus

?Former minister Sherifi presents the new left wing party


?Currency values today


?Fier, 40 year old, father of two, attempts suicide

?Attack against the Chief of Serious Crimes in Burrel, explosive near his house

Brothers Dedja arrested as they were convicted on drug trafficking in Italy

Operation in D area, mine galleries in Bulqiza blocked


?Easter feast, Rrok Mirita congratulates believers on Easter

Berisha: Religious tolerance starts from a sustainable belief on God

?Disabled persons ask help from internationals

?The health of the third age, Vasili: Priority of doctors

?Panariti: Municipality supports the third age

Spring tendencies-summer 2012, colors and fantasy


?Weather forecast tomorrow


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