AINA TIR-FAX, April 11, 2012



?Visha appears before the law committee

?Arvizu: The electoral reform should be completed in time

?Meta in Korce: The election of the President is a constitutional process

?Majority: Parliament should be proposed the resignation of Bardhi

?Rama to the youth of Vlore: Face the force of change

?Brussels, Berisha: We?re moving forward along with the opposition about the reforms

?Rama: We will put an end to the illegal constructions

?Basha meets with the new ambassador of Kosovo

?Italy offers aid to the Albanian Military Forces, Di Paolo holds meetings in Tirana


?Debates in the economy commission about the duty stamp on beer

?Industry of textiles: The removal of VAT, more investments

?Progress in telecommunication

?Currency values today


?Saranda, person declared wanted arrested for injury

?Kruje, dead body of a person found in Zeze River

?Vlore, police gives details on the arrest of the robbery gang members

?Former prosecutor of Berat sues Ina Rama

Injury in Tirana, 33 year old arrested

?Fier, court: Home arrest for Fatmir Kajolli

Great Britain, member of Tan Kateshi gang arrested


Bumci: We will support projects for the Roma culture


Mirdite, residents of Qafe-Molle against the construction of the power plant


?Weather forecast tomorrow

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