AINA TIR-FAX, February 29, 2012



?Fule: Albania must meet the 12 recommendations

?Stoudmann: Support toward Albania during the presidency of the EC

?Topalli: Nobody should block the reforms for the EU integration

?Berisha: We?re ready to vote the removal of immunity

?Rama: The government is using the social welfare for political reasons

?Albania joins the International Group of the Friends of Syria

?Debates between DP and SP at the commission of integration

?Sequi: Fight against corruption is a crucial point for the integration

?Prime Minister Berisha to participate in the summit of EPP


?BoA keeps unchanged the interest rate

Bill approved on the privatization of Albpetrol

?The fuel price increases, drivers complain

?Industry of textile demands a quick refund of VAT

?Currency values today


?Imami in Zall-Herr, thanks to Emergency Services

?Armed injury in Zall-Ferr, motives unknown

?A brawl in Kashar high school-one injured

?Elbasan, 15 year old dies after crushed over by the ceiling

?Gjirokaster, 300 kg of marijuana seized, drivers` escape

?Base of notes counterfeiting destroyed in Saranda

?Durres, car crashes motorbike, 62 year old dies

?Man commits suicide due to unemployment


38 million euro on the modernization of the social assistance


?Weather forecast tomorrow


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