AINA TIR-FAX, January 16, 2012



?Rama in the 20th anniversary of FRESSH: Our program is very detailed

?Mcllwham: The President must have the approval of the political class and of the people

?Berisha: Our economic model is successful

?Berisha: The DP will request the removal of Kreshnik Spahiu

?Rama: Berisha?s threats resemble to those of Mubarak

?eta: New standards were established in the Albanian justice system

Kreshnik Spahiu: The action against me is not constitutional

Supreme Court in Albania: Ilir Meta is innocent


?Loan approved for the bypass of Fier and Vlore

?Highland tourism demands investments

?The lack of raw materials damages the business

?Currency values today


?Video Meta-Prifti, High Court: Ilir Meta found innocent

?Rama-Motta: Cooperation against trafficking Albania-Lece

?Peacekeeping forces ?Eagle 4? set off toward Afghanistan

?Vlore, 52 year old killed for revenge

Durres, car crashes pedestrian

?The sinking of the ship in Durres, searches continue for the captain


?Low temperatures and snow, problems in some road axis

Dentists sit the State Exam

Vasili: No increase of drugs` prices

?Seasonal viruses, large number of children at the pediatric wards


?Weather forecast tomorrow



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