AINA TIR-FAX, November 30, 2011



?Heir to the throne Leka Zoku passes away

?PJIU sends its condolences to the royal family

?RBA: The dream of Leka Zogu was the unity of the Albanians

?Topi: The code should be approved in time

?Berisha: Saturday will be a day of mourning

?Topalli: Work with standards is needed for the electoral reform

?Rama on Twitter: It?s time for the liberalization of the market of power supply

?Wollfarth: The commission is a good start for the electoral reform

?Mcllwham: The commission is important for the process of integration

?Berisha: Registry of properties will be drafted within this year


?BoA reduces the basic interest rate by 0.25 %

?ADF, 83 million USD investments on infrastructure

?December 31, the last deadline for the amnesty of contributions

?8.3 billion ALL for rural roads

?SHISH receives extra funds

?Albania and Turkey sign an agreement of cooperation

?Currency values today


?Tirana, police sequesters the properties of Valer Xheka

?Tropoja, 7 kg of narcotic substances seized, 17 year old handcuffed

?Shkoder, electrician dies while on duty

?Saranda, two accidents, four men injured

?Saranda, 450 kg of cannabis sativa seized, possessors declare wanted

?Accident at the entrance of Kalimash tunnel, 20 cars crashed to each-other


Vasili: The death of Leka Zogu I due to a cardiac arrest


Drama ?Amadeus?, premiere at NT on December 1st


?Weather forecast tomorrow

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