AINA TIR-FAX, October 31, 2011



?Meeting for justice system, DP: It?s an anti-reform vision

?Rama: I?m sorry about the brutal reaction of the democrat MPs

?Debates on the committee of laws

?Wollfarth: The return of the law on wastes management is a constitutional right

?Rama: The drafts of the congress are instrument for the victory

?Parliament returns to the parliamentary committees the laws requiring 3/5 of the votes

?Berisha: The return of the law on wastes management has been done for political purposes

?Prifti: The decision of the experts is a shame of this country


?Experts: The boost of consumption requires time

?Currency values today


?Video footage, experts: The video is not original

?Tirana, train crashes vehicles

?Lezhe, person wounded with shotgun

?Saranda, police seizes 127 kg of drugs

?Korce, robbers broke into the house to steal and kill the elderly woman

?The director of Patos water supply system declared wanted

?Lushnje, husband and wife intoxicate themselves

?Qafe Thane, 10 kg of heroine seized

?Lazarat, 145 kg of cannabis sativa seized, 17 year old handcuffed

?The murder of the Albanian woman in Greece, , the crime`s author is a geek police officer


?Master`s students protest on the removal of the English exam


Sara Hita receives the first prize at ?Marije Kraja? operatic contest


?Weather forecast tomorrow



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