AINA TIR-FAX, September 29, 2011



?Topi: The independence of the judicial system is a guarantee for the enforcement of law

?Berisha: The opposition is scared of its own vote

?Griss-Beqaj: Judicial system independence is fundamental to the law interpretation

?Discussions take place in parliament over car yards

?Ruci: The majority should vote the pact

?Patozi: The SP pact is like the pseudo-cause of the ballot boxes

?Berisha denies the accusations for the public assets


?BoA reduces the base interest rate

?International fair of furniture opens in Tirana

?Turkish and Chinese employees dominate the Albanian market of labor

?Currency values today


Court rejects the sue against Florenc Hoxha

?Durres band?, prosecution issues verdict on October 7

?Gramsh, motorbike crashes the 10 year old

Accident in Prenjas, 39 year old lost her life

?Durres, French tourist found dead

Shkoder, ?indefinite imprisonment? to the father who killed his son

?55 year old man hangs himself in Librazhd

?Person attempts to murder police officer in Sarande

?Person dies in a fatal road accident in Elbasan


?Archbishop Rrok Mirdita, registration is a normal process


??Treasuries of the Albanian popular culture? Exhibition opened


?Weather forecast tomorrow



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