AINA TIR-FAX, July 29, 2011



?Basha meets with the heads of boroughs

?Topalli meets with Irene Pivetti

?Meta: The electoral reform should start immediately

?Dutch ambassador: The election of the president must be consensual

?Malaj in Durres presents the new platform of the SP


?655 subjects profit from the fiscal amnesty law

Albtelekom & Eagle, two in one

?Currency values today


Diber, two Czech tourists robbed and violated

?Bulqiza, two strikers faint

?Oil ?Virgine? case – Hajri Elezaj breaks the security measure set against him

Elbasan, house robber arrested

?Shkoder, the robber of vacationers` houses arrested

?Person gunned down in Tirana

?Vlore, 4 parcels planted with cannabis sativa eliminated

?Tirana, 24 year old arrested with 17 doses of heroine

?The deadline ends on the fulfillment of A2 form for A Level students

?One dead in a road accident in Kalimash

?Person wounded with a fire arm in Shkoder

?Road accident in Fier leads to the injury of two persons

?Black Spider reappears in Fier


?Belize, Bedineishvili: Strike for political reasons

?Tourist structures all in one data base

?Liberalization increases the number of air travelers


?The deadline ends on the fulfillment of A2 form for A Level students


?Mark Obama meets with Albanian kids



?Weather forecast tomorrow


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