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 The municipality of Tirana opens the doors for citizens in the evening

 Edmond Panariti appointed the new vice mayor of Tirana

 Topalli meets the British ambassador

 Ristani: Parties should agree in order to review the Electoral Code

 Berisha proposes the relief of the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces

 Indonesian MPs meet with the Albanian Muslim Community


Fullani: Base interest rates remain unchanged

 Ministry of Economy penalizes ACR with 56 million ALL

 Berisha: More support for the agriculture

 Demiri: The public debt is manageable

 Albtelecom decuples internet speed

 PJUI: Albanian products should replace the Serbian ones

 Currency values today


 Imprisonment for the 65 year old that killed his son

 Vlore, 24 year old seized with drugs

 Money forgery, four persons arrested

Shkoder, 60 year old dead body found near a stream

 Tirana, guard workers injured with gunfire

 Italy, three Albanians arrested for robbery

 Explosions terrorize Terpan village

Durres, currency exchange dealers handcuffed

 A 19 year old wanted person arrested in Korce


 Miners in hunger strike: We will continue the strike till self-scarification

Durres, operation against unlicensed entities


 In Albania there exist networks of pedophilia


 FIFA: Albania ranks 59th


 Weather forecast tomorrow



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