AINA TIR-FAX, May 30, 2011



Berisha-He Ping: Cooperation in the domain of information

SP supports the intervention of the Commission of Venice

Topi: Institutions should speak according to their legal status

Berisha: The valuation of contested votes protects the system

Berisha: We will raise wages and pensions

SMI: SP is trying to ruin the process

CEC deliberates on the complaints of the SP and the DP

Harasani also breaks the boycott of the SP for the parliamentary committees


Environment Bill changes over 60%

Shehu: There can be interventions in the contingencies

Number of inspectorates will cut down to 11

Ministries and local government authorities are in debt with the water supply directory

Currency values today


Lezhe-Lac accident, one dead- 5 injured

A large scale operation against stolen cars

The prisoner dies in Fushe-Kruja prison

Tirana, 40 doses of cocaine sequestered, two handcuffed

Diber, 49 year old handcuffed on the offense of fraud

Robbery takes place at the entry of Lushnje

Lushnje, casino robbed in the center of the town

Korce, student dies after jumping off the fourth floor of the boarding school

Tirana, 30 kg of cannabis sativa seized, four handcuffed

Shkoder, police prevent murder, two persons handcuffed


Authorities freeze imports of cucumbers

25 new cases of HIV discovered in the past 5 months

Over 40% of the Albanian people smoke

Acoustic pollution, Hasanaj: Police have taken measures on closing bars

High temperatures, citizens attend swimming pools during the weekend


Albania is part of the European cultural agenda


Korce, the Tomb of Kamenica reopened for visitors


Weather forecast tomorrow


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