AINA TIR-FAX, March 31, 2011



  • UHRP and SP sign an agreement for the local elections

  • Prime Minister Berisha receives the deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo

  • Countryman to visit Tirana tomorrow

  • Basha promises to the residents of Kombinat progress in this area

  • Topi: Elections should not be politicized

  • Socialist MPs visit three boroughs for the electoral lists

  • Brace: Forests have been a precious asset of this country

  • 5 new MPs take their oath

  • Berisha rewards the national team for the positive results

  • Ashton: Politics should make concrete choices

  • SP: Berisha and Basha are producing fake Euros and dollars to purchase the local elections

  • Ngjela: SP should not tolerate about the guarantees of the free elections


  • Bode: The Municipality of Tirana doesn?t undertake the administration of the water supply system

  • Shahini: The construction sector once again in difficulty

  • Berisha: Albanian and Turkish businesses should cooperate

  • Berisha: The currency is the passport of the state

  • Bregasi: The business should be consulted about the amnesty

  • Currency values today


  • Xhaxho: The author who caused the death of the 9 year old was a problematic person
  • 22 year old arrested after being declared wanted for attempted murder

  • Kurbin: Youngsters handcuffed as they used to steal computer materials

  • 17 years old found lifeless by his relatives in the waters of Erzen River

  • 3 people injured in Shijak, crime`s author handcuffed

  • Ground floor engulfed by fire at ?Rruga e Kavajes? street


  • Paraplegics demand their rights through a protest

  • Malaj: ?The strengthening of Roma people?, an overall development


  • Tirana University, Kule dismisses the dean of the Medicine Faculty


  • ?Year 11?, exhibition of the painter Edi Hila


  • Weather forecast tomorrow


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