AINA TIR-FAX, January 31, 2011



  • Topi: January 21 events should come to light

  • Berisha: January 21 is the day of disgrace

  • Rama: The only solution is the removal of the government

  • Berisha: Parliament is the only institution for cooperation

  • Inquiry commission determines the dates of testimonies over January 21 events

  • The investigation expands, journalists also involved on the inquiry list

  • Ksera: Increasing support for disabled persons

  • Milo: We shall continue the protests, Berisha is attempting a coup d?etat

  • SMI supports the request for the telephone registrations

  • Butler: We expect an invitation by the parties to negotiate

  • Wollfarth: 21 January events should be disclosed

  • Tahiri: Investigation commission anti-constitutional

  • SP publishes the request over the invalidity of the Inquiry Commission

  • Hysi: Republican Guards should surrender


  • Local power, subject to the reduction of expenses

  • Currency values today


  • Gerdeci, the lawyers of Delijorgji, the court session fails

  • Lezhe, two persons arrested for insulting police employees

  • Two brothers arrested for hitting police forces on January 21 demonstrations

  • Shkoder, 26 kg of cannabis sativa seized, transporters declared wanted


  • 6 new cases of AH1/N1 recorded


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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Albanian Independent News Agency (AINA) TIR-FAX, was founded in conformity to the laws of the Republic of Albania, in August 1996. It is the first and the only media of this kind in Albania. Since its beginnings, AINA TIR-FAX, built a professional strategy in order to be a reliable media and distant itself from politics and reflect the reality not affected by any political convictions and conveying to its subscribers up-to-date daily, professional and totally independent news and information.
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