AINA TIR-FAX, January 29, 2011



  • Patozi: Rama responsible for the Albanian image deterioration

  • The Foreign Minister Haxhinasto: Kosovo should be part of regional cooperation

  • Ajtyresa: DP should be aware of its responsibility

  • PJU distributes flags after ?January 21?

  • Dorela Maliqi joins SMI

  • EU foreign ministers to meet on Albania on Monday

  • SMI not worried about SP?s boycotting of the elections

  • Ngjela: Massive protests will continue

  • Monsignor Vincenzo Palian calls for dialogue between the parties

  • Gjermeni: Homage in order for justice to find the killers

  • Prime Minister Berisha receives Monsignor Vincenzo Paglion


  • 11 million Euros for the landfill of Korce

  • An increase on the price of medications expected

  • Foreign donors call for political dialogue

  • Currency values today


  • Tirana police invites the wounded protesters of January 21 to denounce at the Prosecution
  • Gramsh, 22 years old seized with drugs

  • 1 dead and 9 injured in an accident in Kruje

  • 4 people remain injured in an accident in Korce-Pogradec road


  • Punavia: Citizens should respect the road regulation

  • Aleks Nikaj sent to Turkey to receive medical treatment

  • Temperatures below zero, villages blocked

  • Cases on violence on women rise in Kukes


  • Football, Skenderbeu defeats Bylis

  • Tirana announces the acquisition of Jahmir Hyka


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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