AINA TIR-FAX, December 29, 2010



  • Berisha: The liberalization of visas is the biggest achievement of 2010

  • Berisha: The abrogation of immunity is a challenge for 2011

  • Pollo: The local elections are a challenge for the majority

  • ? CEC: Ballot boxes will open on January 7th

  • Gjoncaj: Ristani should resign for lack of credibility

  • Prosecution turns down Vokshi?s accusations

  • SP: Albania is getting poorer

  • Tahiri: The accusations against Rama were proved to be defamations


  • Civici: The political crisis affects economy

  • Trade, exports go up

  • Removal of visas expands the tourism map for Albanian citizens

  • Over 500 former political persecuted persons will be compensated

  • Currency values today


  • An arsenal of weapons seized in a train with 16 carriages

  • The court keeps in prison the three defendants of the tragedy of Gerdec

  • 51 one person dies after throwing himself from the 4th floor in Saranda

  • Fier, bank director arrested

  • Ballsh, bus crashes, two persons injured

  • Shkoder, a 48 year old killed with firearm

  • Elbasan, car crashes with a motorcycle, 21 year old injured

  • Fier, a woman hanged herself in fier


  • The French Embassy distributes aids for the flooded families in Fushe-Kruje

  • End of the year holidays, normal movement of passengers in Kakavija

  • ?The Guardian?s pen?, a gift to inmates


  • Berisha to students: Apply for the Excellency fund


  • Mimoza Veliu comes with a photographic exhibition


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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