AINA TIR-FAX, December 10, 2010



  • Topi: Politicians should be united for national issues

  • Meta: The solidarity which has been shown touches all of us

  • Floods, Berisha: Rama wanted to take advantage from the situation

  • Patozi: Rama`s ship is sinking as the days go by

  • Rama: The government is dragging the resolution of the crisis

  • Bregu discusses the Analytical Report of the European Commission

  • Rama meets the new US ambassador


  • Tourism, 59 million euros less

  • Berisha: Tourism and internet, two of the greatest achievements

  • Currency values today


  • Court sentences Artan Kristo with 5 years of imprisonment

  • Police solve an old criminal case in Elbasan
  • Inmate takes three days off and doesn?t return to prison

  • Triple accident in Elbasan, 1 wounded

  • 46 year old person remains injured in Elbasan
  • Albanian national extradited from Brussels


  • Shkoder, situation improving

  • Storms strike southwestern parts of the country

  • Topalli inspects water supply system pumps

  • Aid operations continue in Shkoder

  • School in Fushe-Kruje closed after the floods

  • APC: The latest data on Drin cascade

  • Teachers ?donate? their bonus

  • Number of Albanian illegal emigrants going to Greece goes down

  • Interventions take place in Zeze River in Fushe-Kruje

  • 20 homes on the verge of collapse in Kukes

  • CEZ, abuses with power bills, 300 thousand lek for two lamps

  • Land slides leave a homeless family in Mat

  • Berisha: Women should fight for gender equality

  • Gender equality amongst armed forces

  • The first snow falls in Kukes

  • The first contingent of aid arrives in Ura Vajgurore


  • ?On the footsteps of Mother Teresa of Calcutta?

  • ?An absurd painting?, the drama at the National Theater


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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