AINA TIR-FAX, November 29, 2010



  • Topi: Time for compromise

  • Meta: Albanians freer than ever

  • Rama: We have to achieve the European dream

  • SP and SMI exchange accusations over the building of the latter

  • Berisha: Azem`s dream came true
  • Poni: We will ask Rama dismissal for not decorating Tirana
  • SMI and SP together in Lushnje for the Liberation Day

  • Olldashi: The Socialist Party doesn?t have an alternative for the country

  • Municipality of Tirana: Police didn?t allow the flags

  • Haxhinasto meets the ambassador of Syria


  • Buxhuku: Electric power increase, negative effects to the businesses
  • Taxes burden in Albania, 40, 6 %

  • Currency values today


  • Police: We haven?t stopped the flags

  • Tirana, person declared wanted handcuffed for attempted murder

  • Tepelena, 55 year old injured with an ax

  • Earthquake of 3.7 Richter scale in Gjirokaster

  • Korce, disappeared taxi-driver found dead after a week

  • Italy, Albanian caught with 33 kg of heroine

  • Malesi e Madhe, elderly couple burned at their house

  • Situation in Shkoder toward improvement

  • Mysterious execution of a 25 year old person takes place in the capital


  • Albanian Post Office: CEZ is violating the law on bills

  • Rainfalls, Bajram-Curri road axis damaged

  • Bulqize, villages remain in blackout

  • Construction inspectorate undertakes operation on the demolition of illegal constructions
  • Kukes without electricity

  • Berisha inaugurates the neurosurgery center
  • Municipality of Tirana to organize a number of activities for the White Night


  • Heavy rainfalls gone, warmer weather expected
  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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