AINA TIR-FAX November 17, 2010



  • Pack: The opposition is to be blamed about the crisis

  • Haxhinasto meets the state Vatican State Secretary

  • Severin: Albania must resolve the political crisis

  • Berisha: The Pyramid will be demolished

  • Rama sends a letter to Topalli about his absence in the inter ministerial committee meeting

  • Basha: Travel agents must not break the rules

  • Rama: Berisha must resolve the crisis

  • Topalli: The progress of Albania

  • SP: Vasili and Meta threatened patients with cancer with their corruption

  • Berisha: The European dream became reality

  • Fule: Albania got what it deserved


  • Olldashi: Improvements of public services

  • Interest rate on treasury bonds falls to 7.5%

  • Ksera: Until 2013 we will eradicate absolute poverty

  • Swedish model for renewable energy

  • CPO: If the price of energy goes up, we will sue RAE

  • Berisha: The budget of roads

  • Currency values today


  • The trial against Bare, trial interrupted
  • Durres, falls down from scaffold, 45 year old man finds death

  • Lushnje, 18 year old boy dies in a road accident

  • Italy, seven Albanians arrested for drug trafficking

  • Tirane, six persons arrested for theft

  • Two pedestrians injured in a road accidents in Tirane ?Durres high way
  • Arrested Albanians in Belgium, government approves pact of extraditions

  • Kavaje, two youngsters arrested for theft

  • Sarande, house of academic from Kosovo, Adem Demaci, burgled


  • Municipality of Korce starts a lawsuit against the Prefecture
  • Rama: For a religious cohabitation
  • The 66th anniversary of Tirana liberation commemorated
  • Expired food products in the market
  • Greece, no obstacles for the Albanian emigrants at the border crossing point for the holydays
  • Shaska: I?ll still be part of the University of Vlore
  • High price for a healthy living


  • Albania will play tonight against Macedonia


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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