AINA TIR-FAX, October 30, 2010



  • Danaj: New political movement for a natural Albania

  • Shalsi: We demand the resignation of minister Vasili

  • Ajtyresa: Crime and corruption blocked the integration of Albania

  • Topalli: A strengthening of relations between Albania and Morocco

  • Meta: SMI is investing for the European integration of Albania

  • Berisha: The offer of the SP will received a reply on Monday

  • Spahiu: Albania has undertaken the deepest reforms in the region

  • Ruci sends a letter to Fules, Schulz and Daul

  • Vangjel Tavo joins the SMI


  • Meta: The Albanian economy is stable

  • Business: Lack of credits

  • Konfindustria: Fiscal amnesty is needed to prevent the depreciation of lek

  • Currency values today


  • Vlore, 15 year old girl disappeared

  • Basha: Zero tolerance against organized crime

  • 14 year old teenager handcuffed for drug dealing

  • Prefect of Korce demands measures

  • Fier, teenager physically violated by police

  • Police attack in Korce, two people arrested

  • Durres, father and son involved in an accident


  • Delays caused at border crossing point of Morine

  • 35 industrial subjects fined for law violation

  • Veterans and disabled: Public operators deny the state

  • Long queues caused at border crossing point of Kapshtice

  • Rreshen ?Milot road segment blocked by earth slide

  • Vlore, movement of passengers comes to a gridlock

  • Clashes in Puke between the municipality and the Agency of Environment
  • Debates take place in the Municipality of Tepelene

  • Bus passes, passengers destiny to be decided on October 31


  • ?The Albanian?, premier in Tirana
  • Evis Mula shows up at ?La Scala?


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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